Wishes Are Eternal, Blood Runs Forever

(...now where's that DAMN 4th Chaos Emerald?)

-22- [wri--...painted?]
wishes are eternal, flashback, Maria, happiness
[There's nothing written, and nothing to indicate who's doing it (except perhaps those that know him extremely well).

Just streaks of color. Mostly yellows and blues. There's no real direction to them, as a line goes this way, another starts that way, different shades, like perhaps someone's trying to find just the right colors. Paints, probably. Watercolor at that.]

-21- [written]
something's very wrong here
Home is a nice thought, but it's still out of our grasp.

-20- [voice]
this is WHO I AM
I hope this weather lasts. Even if it proves to be a hindrance to some.

-19- [written]
arms crossed, considering, think, unsure/confused, deep in thought
I suppose I ought to let people on patrol know that I've taken over Sonic's nightly duties for the time being in case they haven't noticed yet/care to know. It's better than doing very little.

And yet I still find myself awake during the daylight hours. (Not that daylight lasts very long anymore.) At least it's given me more time to read.

-18- [voice]
this is WHO I AM
I'm beginning to feel it. A sort of...restlessness. Something like a claustrophobia. This place at times feels simply too small.

It's the same thing every day. Maybe not all the same faces, voices, but the same place. The only thing around even remotely different is the desert.

[But before he goes off on a tangent, he switches gears.]

I understand that 'Halloween' is fast approaching? While I have no use for these Earthen holidays (as I suspect many other worlds do not celebrate it), I can't help but be...curious. I know people dress in costumes and go soliciting for sweets.

Hn, perhaps the library can give me more information. Although I may simply see fit to read the books I picked up for free instead of bother with the occasion.

-17- [voice]
I'm surrounded by idiots...
[Shadow's been unconscious (in his own room; thanks, Sonic) ever since the battle. Yes, that many days ago. But lo, life stirs! Slowly. He's, well, he's still recovering his strength, but. :\ He can at least swipe his journal off the nightstand and flip it open.]

...Well. At least I'm not dead. Unless this is what people typically refer to as hell.

-16- [voice]
boom, heh
Two days to rid the village of 300, at full strength?

Tch. Child's play.

[The sound of something almost electric fizzles through the journal.] It's good to be back. Just don't get in my way!

-15- [written]
arms crossed, considering, think, unsure/confused, deep in thought
Jacob John Elisha

In any event, why mourn such a man? Was he a friend to any of you? I realize some fools thought him an ally, but I highly doubt he was more.

I am curious as to how many have witnessed death. Not that you witnessed much--clearly we were spared the details.

-14- [voice/action]
I'm surrounded by idiots...
Whatever it is, no, I will not. Don't make me get a blindfold and earplugs.


See if that works any.

[Oh yeah, he's affected, of course; a little resistant, maybe, but... And he? He is avoiding the hectic village and chillaxing by the lake instead, dipping his feet in the water.]

-13- [action]
out of the shadows
[It is a god damn heat wave. Now, it's not that Shadow can't stand the heat, because he can, but honestly, it's fucking hot out, and he's made of black and fur.

So what does a grumpyhog do on a lazy Sunday during a heatwave? Sit in a tree reading a book, of course. Hey, he's not Sonic, he doesn't mind being inactive sometimes.

He sometimes glances up (or in this case, down) from his reading when someone passes below, but mostly he pays them no mind. Clearly this is an invitation for someone to come bother him.]

((Ugh, what with computer futzing and college stuff that fucks with my schedule, my activity has been fail. Next time bullshit that pulls me away happens, I should hiatus. *fail mun is fail*))


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