Shadow, the Ultimate Life Form (wishes_eternal) wrote,
Shadow, the Ultimate Life Form

-13- [action]

[It is a god damn heat wave. Now, it's not that Shadow can't stand the heat, because he can, but honestly, it's fucking hot out, and he's made of black and fur.

So what does a grumpyhog do on a lazy Sunday during a heatwave? Sit in a tree reading a book, of course. Hey, he's not Sonic, he doesn't mind being inactive sometimes.

He sometimes glances up (or in this case, down) from his reading when someone passes below, but mostly he pays them no mind. Clearly this is an invitation for someone to come bother him.]

((Ugh, what with computer futzing and college stuff that fucks with my schedule, my activity has been fail. Next time bullshit that pulls me away happens, I should hiatus. *fail mun is fail*))
Tags: action
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