Shadow, the Ultimate Life Form (wishes_eternal) wrote,
Shadow, the Ultimate Life Form

-18- [voice]

I'm beginning to feel it. A sort of...restlessness. Something like a claustrophobia. This place at times feels simply too small.

It's the same thing every day. Maybe not all the same faces, voices, but the same place. The only thing around even remotely different is the desert.

[But before he goes off on a tangent, he switches gears.]

I understand that 'Halloween' is fast approaching? While I have no use for these Earthen holidays (as I suspect many other worlds do not celebrate it), I can't help but be...curious. I know people dress in costumes and go soliciting for sweets.

Hn, perhaps the library can give me more information. Although I may simply see fit to read the books I picked up for free instead of bother with the occasion.
Tags: i am still just a rat in a cage, quiet hedgehog breaks his quiet, reading rainbow, tch pathetic holidays, voice
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